Hailing from the US of A, Katelyn Giles is owner/operator of our Britinya location which is known as home to the biggest coffee heads on The Coast. Being 15 years in the hospitality industry, Katelyn Giles is a proud of her product and so the coffee, well it’s only produced by the best! Stumbling into hospitality as a teen, Katelyn has stuck to the industry for 15 years; for her it’s all about the love of the culture, and if you’re wondering what keeps her driving, well that’s a 150ml double shot flat white!

The reason I've stuck with it is I quickly fell in love with the culture. Not necessarily the coffee or working in a cafe but the opportunity for connection with various people from all walks of life and industries. To be able to build connection with people means that you’re no longer just making coffee, you’re getting to hang out, chat and make epic coffee with all your mates that pop in through the day.”

So, what’s Good Bean Birtinya’s difference? Well, for one, the shop’s manager Jai (“Jay”) Luttrell is fairly unique. An absolute wizard on the machine Jai has been in specialty coffee for over 6 years and runs pretty cool ship. Always setting a new benchmark for coffee and hilarity, Jai is the wise-cracking-guy you’ll spot most often on your coffee runs, so make sure you say “Hey Jai”, he’ll love it!

Your alternate Head Barista at this site is Ella O'Shea who’s been in specialty coffee going on 10 years and has worked at a handful of the top cafes on the Sunshine Coast - the great news is, we nabbed her for good!

Good Bean Birtinya always has the jams pumpin' and the banter is second to none. The team love a good time and getting to know their customers as friends. Good Bean Birtinya, is really just one big family.

Hanging out at the USC Hospital? Be sure to pop in and connect with the good folk at Good Bean Birtinya!



105A / 11 Eccles Blvd, Birtinya QLD 4575 (opposite the new Kawana Public Hospital)


Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 4.00pm Saturday: 6:00am – 12.00pm Sunday: 7:00am – 12pm

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.