We are committed to changing people’s perceptions about coffee. It is about making the coffee experience relevant and less about addressing a need for caffeine. We are focussed on turning locals into connoisseurs, fastidious about the quality of coffee they consume and the way it is served.

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Quality Specialty Coffee

Our passion for quality begins at origin, ensuring that we can trace the beans back to the farm where they were grown. Our team of artisan roasters source only the finest coffee, roast to strict specifications, to ensure the fullest flavour and taste.

Our team all consists of expert baristas, tooled with the finest quality espresso equipment, who have extensive experience pulling shots in the world’s leading coffee culture hubs.


Low Start Up Costs

We are committed to providing you with an affordable, low-cost business model. Our cosy shopfronts and minimal initial franchise fees ensure low start up costs, with no hidden or unreasonable costs.


Unique Spaces

During the planning stages, we co-ordinate the floor plans while encouraging you to add your own personal touches wherever possible. We do not believe in formulaic finishes and bland team uniforms – we want our customers to feel like they are having coffee at an old friend’s house.

 World Class Training

We provide high level training from previous national barista champions for both you and your staff. We don’t stop there – we recognise that the only way to ensure quality is to keep learning and growing, so we provide ongoing education classes to ensure that you and your team are always the best baristas in town.


New-Age Marketing

Our innovative approach to marketing combines proven traditional methods with new digital strategies for maximum impact. You will also benefit from a loyal social media following of savvy consumers who already love our coffee.


At Good Bean, we are looking for people who are committed to join us in changing people’s perception of coffee. We look for people who believe in this high standard and are meticulous about delivering it and ensuring that not a single cup of second-rate coffee is ever served in our stores.


Hands On

A Good Bean franchise can be both financially and personally rewarding, however you get out what you put in. We have found that our best partners are actively involved in the day-to-day operation of their business. If you are looking for a passive investment then Good Bean may not be for you.


Your team is the unique, intangible element of your business that is essential to your success. Good Bean promotes a fun, energetic team culture that inspires excellence. Being in control of forming your team is the most exciting and rewarding part of owning your own business. We look for partners who have the skills and personality to be able to lead a dynamic workforce.


We are looking for people who share our passion for quality specialty coffee and exceptional customer service. You do not need previous coffee experience but we do look for people with:

  • passion for quality (specialty coffee / quality food / fine wine / craft beer)

  • high standards of personal integrity

  • strong people management and communication skills

  • previous successful business experience

  • leadership skills

  • a passion for delivering outstanding customer service

Running a Good Bean requires you to be competent in every aspect of the business, from barista skills, food preparation to marketing your store.

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Submit the expression of interest form located at the bottom of this page. We will then contact you to commence the exciting journey of owning your own Good Bean.


One of our team will then organise a meeting that will assist both you and us in determining if Good Bean is the right fit for you.


Once approved, we then request a nominal deposit in order to show your commitment and allow us to issue draft franchise agreements for your due diligence.


Our experienced team will then begin to work alongside you to locate a site that meets your requirements. Note: This is typically the longest part of the process.


After due diligence has been completed, we can then formalise the franchise agreement and you can commence the exciting journey towards opening your own Good Bean.

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featuring Tung - Our newest franchisee!


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