Recommended brew time 26sec 
– Brew Ratio: 16g – 18g in, 36g out, 26sec brew time
– The grind should feel and look like sand
– For alternative brewing we recommend 1g coffee to 16g of water


Recommended Brew Time: 3 – 5 min  

  1. Unscrew the pot and fill the base with fresh cold water, up to the level of the safety valve

  2. Insert the filter basket and fill it to the top with correctly ground coffee. Screw into place

  3. Place the pot on the stove top

  4. When you hear the sound of percolation, remove the pot from heat


Recommended Brew Time: 2-3 min
Brew ratio: 18g coffee to 220ml/g water 

  1. Pre heat Aeropress, your cup/vesel & filter paper with 85 degree water to remove any ‘paper’ flavour

  2. Ensure the narrow cylinder is on the bottom, resting just below #4

  3. Place coffee in the top chamber

  4. Pour water up to 50ml/g stir 3 times and let “bloom” for 30 sec

  5. Place/Screw filter on top and wait 2 minutes

  6. Invert Aeropress over cup and gently plunge for 15-20seconds until you hear a slight hissing noise.
    If you continue to plunge after the initial hiss, you will be adding bitterness to the cup

  7.  Your coffee is ready