Free Coffee Day Good Bean Milton.

Free coffee for everyone, for one day. That’s how we like to open a store here at Good Bean.  We do this as a marketing/ advertising campaign, of course, but we also hope that it connects us to the community and businesses surrounding our stores. We believe that connection and community are the most important qualities we create for our espresso bars. You can find great coffee everywhere these days so we hope to create a place to come and chat to your favourite barista, have a laugh, share a bit of time while making your morning caffeine transaction. 


 The free coffee day at our first Brisbane store, Milton, did not disappoint. The tiny 14sqm shop was buzzing with locals and not so locals all enjoying the coffee, bagels, raw treats and Good Bean crew. Our head of culture and Good Bean OG crew member Katelyn was on the machine alongside our dashingly handsome and quick-witted store owner Kyle. Between them they pumped out several kg’s of espresso, serving each one with a smile or a high five… I was also in the mix but they carried me through to the finish line, that’s for sure.  

Opening this store has been a real pleasure. Kyle and I sat down 3 months ago and chatted about his dream to open an espresso bar and the people that have come together to make that happen have been epic. Design and build with Steve and Ross from Total Fitouts was a breeze, two of the nicest guys in the fit out industry and they really got it done.  The connection we have with our neighbour Luke from Wild Movement is something else and fits in with the Good Bean ethos perfectly. Plants by Danique definitely deserve a mention, never have I seen such a beautiful plant lady.  Katelyn! The glue that keeps the Good Bean ship together.  Jack from Rock Therapy Brisbane who connected Luke and I. Our design wizard and all round nice guy Tim Birch (the unofficial third family member at GBHQ). It certainly takes a village to raise an espresso bar (that’s the saying right?).

Timothy Birch Studio - GB Milton 'Free Coffee Day'_-7.jpg
Timothy Birch Studio - GB Milton 'Free Coffee Day'_-50.jpg